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We are committed to sustainability.

Plastic is currently a scourge to the human body and the Earth. Plastic lines our roadways, floats in our rivers, streams, lakes, and oceans, and fills our landscape and air micron-sized bits of toxic particles. It's disgusting!

By providing a product in amber glass instead of plastic, we keep hundreds of thousands of plastic bottles from entering the environment. According to the latest research, current plastic recycling technologies are more polluting than the initial manufacturing of the plastic product. It's best to ditch plastic all together until technologies improve with plant-based bioplastics and use glass that will eventually degrade or can be reused, recycled, or upcycled.

We have also minimized plastic use in the way we pack and ship our products by eliminating Styrofoam peanuts and replacing them with a starch peanut that degrades on contact with water. Using the starch peanut protects your product during shipping and lessens our impact on the natural world.

Our Products are Shelf-Stable

We decided to go the more environmentally friendly way with shelf-stable products, as a refrigerated product uses way more energy from cradle to grave than a shelf-stable product during storage, shipping, and selling. Refrigeration contributes to climate change more than any another human activity.

Plus, most folks we've talked to and work with don't have enough refrigerated space to carry our products in refrigerated form and the shelf life is 3/4 less in the refrigerated version. Our shelf-stability is two years, unopened. If the fridge dies or loses power for an extended amount of time, you can't sell the product, or even give it away. by most local health code, the product goes into the trash. What a waste of money and resources!

Our Practices

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