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Respiratory Syrup

A blend of herbs and botanicals for optimal lung health.

Elderberry Syrup

An age old wellness tradition made from elderberries, honey, ginger, cinnamon, and cloves

Darby Farms

Growing medicinal plants and herbs on our family farm

“The elderberry syrup the Darby Farm makes tastes so good! It is even easy for my children to get down when they are even feeling down. I had the flu and on day two after taking the syrup I felt like someone gave me some magic juice! I highly recommend this product to everyone who has any cold, cough or flu symptom. My family takes a daily dose now!”


“LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! I recommend it to everyone who comes into our pharmacy. It has been a life saver this cold/flu season, and I have even made a believer out of my hubby who never takes ANYTHING.”


“It’s great! My kids have terrible, terrible allergies every single year and so does my husband. Since using Darby Farms Elderberry Syrup, they haven’t had to take any medication for it. So, next time, I will need a dang gallon!”


An Age Old Wellness Tradition

Darby Farms Wellness Products

Our Customers Love Us!

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